Skoda Specialists

Independent Skoda Specialist in Lincoln and Coventry, professional main dealer alternative.

Skoda is part of the VAG range (Volkswagen Audi Group). Much of the equipment required by us is similar across the range.

We have the technicians, equipment and technical information to maintain and repair your Skoda, see below more for information on our services. 

Skoda Diagnostics

When even a fault code won't tell you what the issue is...

Founad a fault? Diagnosing the problem can be a difficult and often frustrating task, one that requires high-tech equipment, methodical thinking, experience and time.

Sometimes 'plugging it in' the computer isn't enough, but we have a full toolkit of equipment that can help - such as smoke machines, oscilloscope, multi meters, pressure gauges and more. 

We use the Skoda 'ODIS' Diagnostic platform as well as a computer called 'Autologic'. The ODIS is the same system the Skoda dealer uses, it gives us a lot of data from the vehicle and access to technicla information. The Autologic tool was developed for independents and offers speed and some additional functions even the main dealers don't have. 

You can book a diagnostic test online too.


Struggling to get to us? Ask one of our service consultants about having your vehicle collected and delivered once ready. This is free of charge within an 8 mile radius of our site. 

We also have a fleet of Loan Cars that are normally less than 12 months old. 

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