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With unique driving technology, super-efficient charging, and a sleek design, Tesla are the pioneers of electric cars as we know them. With fewer moving parts than a traditional car engine, a Tesla won't need quite as much maintenance. You won't need to worry about an oil change, however, it is still equally as important to ensure your Tesla is roadworthy and in good shape.

Some Teslas come with a battery warranty. This means that you should get a good amount of mileage out of your car without any battery issues. However, if your warranty has expired and you're having issues, please get in touch with our Tesla team for assistance.

We are proud to be a reputable Tesla garage in Lincoln; with fully trained IMI Tesla technicians, a wealth of knowledge and experience, our team will ensure that your vehicle is taken care of, whilst providing the excellent customer care that we're known for at Dack.

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For all brands that we specialise in (Tesla being one of those!), we always follow the service and repair guidlines as set out from the Manufacturer. More information on Tesla vehicle maintenance can be found by clicking the below link through to the Tesla main dealer page.