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Van Electrical Systems, Campervan Electrics & LiPo4 Batteries

Choosing how to power your vehicle can be a tough choice, with so many different options to choose from. Here at Dack, we have paired up with Victron Energy to offer our customers a best-in-class, innovative solution to your vehicle electrical systems or your campervan electrics.

Move out from the old style diesel generator and say hello to a brand new top performing vehicle electrical system. We offer inverter systems, smart charging solutions and LiPo4 smart batteries at cost-effective price points. These new solutions are built specifically for the automotive industry.

These solutions are safe and reliable, as we understand the importance of having the best vehicle electrical systems.

Why choose us to install your Victron Energy van electrical system?

Our team have been working with Victron for some time now, and we quote “the quality is unparalleled”. We began installing 5 Victron 200ah Smart LiPo4 batteries into each coffee van conversion to make an impressive 1000ah bank.  Click to watch our video with Victron Energy to see how we work together.

Can you ensure warranty of my new van?

Yes. In previous projects, we have taken power from the starter battery terminals, rather than from the alternator or from the engine wiring. Simply, request a call back from one of our experts and we will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding your vehicle warranty.

What do I need for Campervan Electrics?

It really depends on what you want! Our team have a wide range of options, spanning from smart batteries to solar options. A campervan electrical system can be completed on our Lincoln site. In many of our previous (and present!) projects, we have installed touch screen control panels so you’re able to keep an eye on the vehicle energy levels.

Why does Dack choose smart battery van electrical systems opposed to a diesel generator?

Quite simply, the build quality of the smart batteries we use in our vans is next level. By cutting out the diesel, we’re reducing noise and pollution too. There’s also no need to worry about the batteries losing charge, as they’re charged for battery top up during the day by the Buck-Boost 100 Amp DC to DC converter.

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