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Air-Con Servicing and Regas

Air Conditioning Regas in Lincoln

Service* Price

Air Conditioning R134a ReGas

Air Conditioning R1234yf (Lincoln Only)



Debug of Air Conditioning System £24

* If you're unsure about your vehicle, just give us a call and our team will advise you on the type of gas your vehicle requires. Prices exclude Tesla - please get in touch for a bespoke Tesla quote.

Air Conditioning in Lincoln | Air Conditioning in Coventry

At Dack Motor Group our trained Air Conditioning technicians can service / regas your Air Conditioning system as well as carrying out repairs. 

In addition to the air conditioning service, we also offer an anti-bacterial clean that removes harmful bacteria that builds up in the system and on the vents. This will also remove the unpleasant odours that can sometimes be emitted. This additional clean is available for only £24. So for all air conditioning service, regas and repairs please get in touch!

What do we do?

During the AC Service process, we'll connect the equipment and check system pressures. We'll then extract and gas and oil left in the system, followed by a vacuum test to check for leaks. The vacuum test will not always detect small leaks, the sort that can take a couple of weeks for the system to lose the gas. We add a dye into the system too, so we can trace any future leaks using a UV Lamp. Once the vacuum test is complete, we'll then add oil, dye and new refrigerent to the system - followed by a system test. 

Give us a Call on 01522 535840 for Lincoln or 024 769 20999 for Coventry to book now.