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Skoda Remapping

Skoda Remapping Lincoln & Coventry

Chip Tuning Skoda

If you are searching for a Skoda tuning company, Dack Motor Group are the trusted experts when it comes to Skoda performance remapping. We have developed a full range of ECU Remapping and Skoda Chip tuning services for old and new models alike. We’ve worked on multiple different Skoda models over the years, and we know what you might need to help get that extra performance or better fuel efficiency for your car. We are proud to be one of the first garages in Lincoln to offer remapping services, and in the last decade we've mapped over 500 vehicles. Our files are written by Evolution Chips, who have over 25 years experience in the tuning industry.

Skoda ECU Remapping

The power and fuel economy of your Skoda can be enhanced or boosted in as little time as one hour by remapping the settings on the engine control unit (ECU). By overwriting the Skoda ECU default map with a remap, which is programmed to enhance the car’s overall performance, you will benefit from an immediate improvement in the speed and power of your Skoda vehicle. ECU remapping services can help really enhance your vehicle's performance and economy, with more BHP, more miles per gallon, or a combination of the two.

Can My Skoda Be Remapped OR Chipped?

Dack Motor Group specialise in the chipping and ECU remapping of all Skodas. Whilst they are both completely different methods, ECU remapping is now the main option for re-tuning computer systems on cars. We only carry out chip tuning if the vehicle is newer than 2000, and in the UK, most Skoda’s are now much newer than the year 2000.

Which Software Do We Use?

The software that we use to remap your Skoda is written and calibrated by Evolution Chips. The owners at Evolution write the files themselves and have vast experience in this field. This means that every file is written to a high standard everytime. Neither do Dack Motor Group or Evolution Chips want to affect our great reputation by carrying a quick 'flash' of an ECU.

How do we remap?

To begin with, we will carry out an initial inspection of your vehicle, including a performance 'health check' to ensure that your vehicle is suitable to receive the remap. We then read the data / files required from your vehicle, either via the Diagnostic Port or Direct ECU Connection. We send this file over to Evolution Chips. They'll carry out the custom editing of your software, and send it back to us. We then upload back to your car and carry out more tests to ensure everything is as it should be.

Book Your Remap

Feel free to call us on  01522 535840 for Lincoln or 024 769 20999 for Coventry where you can speak to one of our Skoda Remap specialists who will be able to advise you on the benefits of remapping your vehicle and the cost to you.


Our technicians have a wealth of experience with all Skoda models, making us Lincoln & Coventry's leading Skoda specialists.


We offer Skoda manufacturer services, or our own bronze, silver and gold Skoda service schedules. Click for more information.


Warning Light on the dash or maybe your car just isn't running quite right? Let us take a look and we'll figure it out.


We've aligned hundreads of Skoda's & have the correct data, equipment & skill to adjust correctly. We also have the diagnostic equipment to reset the steering angle sensor if required.


We can test all Cars & Vans up to a weight of 3 tonnes. We provide a complimentary vehicle health check video with your Skoda MOT - unique to Dack.


To make your experience even easier, why not take advantage of our collection & delivery service? Click to learn more and book your collection & delivery.

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