Vehicle Accessories

Vehicle Modifications, Car Accessories & Tow Bar Fitting

We love to help you make the most of your vehicles. Whether you drive a car, a van or both, these solutions can assist in making your vehicle more practical and safe.

Dash Cams

We strongly recommend installing a dash cam that records in high definition and picks up small details. If you are interested in dash cams and dash cam fitting, please contact us or click here to learn more.

Tow Bar Fitting

Tow bars can be really handy for towing all sorts of vehicles, such as motorhomes or smaller cars. A common piece of work for us is tow bar fitting on Land Rovers and Range Rovers. For more information, contact us.


Fancy a bit of extra power to your vehicle? Increase your BHP by an average of 35-60, improve drivability and performance. On a diesel, fuel economy may also be improved. Find out more here.

Vehicle Trackers

If your business has a fleet of vehicles (be it cars or vans), installing trackers is a great idea to keep them safe and make sure your insurance is not being void. Contact us for more information on vehicle trackers & fitting.

Parking Sensors

Make parking easier, and safer. If you have a vehicle without a parking aid, simply contact us to ask about adding parking sensors to the rear of the vehicle. These can be custom colour coded to match your vehicle.

Reversing Cameras

A game changer – especially for larger vehicles with limited visibility. Prevent bumps and scratches in all sized vehicles with a vehicle camera system. Contact us today to discuss getting a camera system in your car or van.

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