Service Club

Become a Service Club Member

Welcome to our Service Club page (This applies only to our Lincoln branch)

As a member, you’ll receive the following benefits;

1.      One Free MOT every year (Normally £39)

2.      Free puncture repairs (Normally £18 each)

3.      Free replacement of ‘easy access’ bulbs (Halogen)

4.      Free winter service once a year - including topping up all levels (Normally £35)

5.      10% off Van Hire

6.      10% off all Servicing

7.      10% off all Labour costs

8.      10% off all Tyres

It’s easy to become a member, simply click the option below. Become a member for just a one off annual payment of £39 become a VIP Member for just £49 

Become a Service Club Member - Join Now

VIP - What's the difference?

There are four additional benefits of being VIP....

  1. Guaranteed Loan Car within 48 hours. 75% of our bookings are not planned, i.e car requiring urgent repairs. We'll guarantee to keep you mobile instantly in most cases, however we'll always make sure we have a car available for you within 48 hours.

  2. Free Wash & Vac with every visit! We normally wash & vac if you're in for a service. However as a VIP member, we'll wash your car on every visit, even if you just want to pop in for a coffee...

  3. 15% Discount on all Servicing 

  4. Free Local Collection & Delivery

How does it work?

Simply click the button above and complete the form to become a member. You'll instantly have access to all the benefits listed.

To book the MOT, Car Wash or any other services simple give us a call. 

We'll send you a Service Club Card in the post- and that's it, you're officially a member.

You'll also receive an MOT reminder.

If you have any questions about this then please email


Q. If I become a member during this offer, what will the price be next year?

A. It's a deal for life. If you sign up during the offer peiod, that price will apply every year moving forward.

Q. Is it a monthly payment or one off?

A. It's a one off payment. 

Q. Is this cost per vehicle or customer?

A. As a free MOT is included, this is per vehicle. You can sign up as many times as you like if you have multiple vehicles :)

Q. If I'm VIP, can I get my car washed every week!

A. Good question. We thought about this and I guess there is always someone that will look for loop holes! So we have put a limit of 12 washes per year... That'd cost at least £60 at your local hand car wash :) 

Q. What's a winter service?

A. We'll carry out a full safety check on your vehicle. Check and adjust tyre pressures, top up all engine levels including a test of the anti-freeze content. 

Q. Does the MOT count for my van?

A. Yes, we welcome vans that fall into the Class 7 MOT.

Q. What are 'Easy Access Bulbs' and does it include the bulb?

A. Bulbs such as halogen headlamp bulbs, side lights, brake lights - if the standard time to replace is less than 15 minutes then that's what we class as easy access. And yes the bulb itself is free too.