Vauxhall Service Price reduction

Vauxhall Service Price reduction
We've lowered the price of Vauxhall Servicing! We are bringing the lower prices forward to our customers.

Vauxhall Service Price Update - August 2022

We have now been purchasing many Vauxhall parts since 2010. We're all aware that over the last year, everything has been going up in price.... Well, we are bringing down the price.

Due to the volume of parts that we order, we have taken large stock orders with our Vauxhall suppliers, thus lowering the price we pay, which we are forwarding on to our customers. 

Enter your registration number under the online booking area of our website to see the new pricing for your Vauxhall. 

*Please note that currently the pricing update is only for Vauxhall's*

 Pricing effective from 5th August 2022. 

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