Breaking News: MOT Due Dates

Breaking News: MOT Due Dates
Vehicles requiring an MOT will be eligible for a 6 month exemption.


It has just been announced that ..
MOTs due on or after Monday 30th March 2020 for cars, vans and motorcycles will now get a 6 month exemption.

You do not need to do anything or inform anyone if your vehicle MOT expires on or after 30 March 2020. Your vehicle will be automatically given this 6-month MOT exemption.

However, it is advised you still need to keep your vehicle safe.

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Business Plan

Having already closed our Car Sales and Coachbuilding depts, we will now close the service & repair centre at 5.30pm this Friday (27th March).

We will honour current bookings between now and 5pm Friday, as well as making every effort to get current vehicles back to customers.

Like many businesses this is a temporary measure until it's safe to return, the company is in good health and we will be raring to go when given the all clear. We keep in contact during this period via our social media channels and happy to answer any questions you may.

Thank you all for your support and most importantly; stay safe and stay well!

Take care and best wishes

Leo Dack,
CEO & Founder

Dack Motor Group