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Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 

Regulation 8(2) of LOLER defines a lifting operation as 'an operation concerned with the lifting or lowering of a load'. A 'load' is the item or items being lifted, which includes a person or people.

What is LOLER?

LOLER stands for the ‘Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations’ 1998. This is a detailed examination of lifting equipment such as (but not limited to) motor vehicle lifts, vehicle tail lifts and cranes fitted to vehicles - that is to be carried out by a competent person. 

Thorough LOLER examinations are required by law as part of national health and safety to reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace. 

What is a ‘Thorough Examination’ for LOLER?

A systematic and highly detailed examination of any equipment and essential-for-safety parts, and must be undertaken by a competent person. 

The person who undertakes the examination must also put together a full written report, containing the information required by LOLER schedule 1, which includes:

  • The examination date
  • The date when the next thorough examination is due
  • Any defects found which are (or could potentially become) a danger to people

How often do I need a LOLER inspection?

  • Before putting any equipment into use and after installation
  • At regular intervals to ensure continued safety 
  • Immediately after the repair or replacement of essential parts
  • If the equipment hasn’t been used for a while, you will need an inspection

To ensure lifts/ lifting equipment is safe to use, LOLER inspections will need to be carried out every 6 months for passenger lifts, or every 12 months for goods lifts.


Tail Lift Weight Tests

Additionally, it is recommended that weight tests are carried out every 12 months, and after a tail lift has undergone any major work. This is to ensure that the equipment works as intended and will lift the weight that it is designed to lift. 

Any faults or defects found on a lift or lifting equipment must be remedied promptly. 


LOLER Inspections at Dack Motor Group

Here at Dack, our commercial vehicle team are fully trained in tail lift LOLER examinations. Our fully equipped commercial workshop can assist with any tail lift installations, repairs, inspections and weight tests.

To book your LOLER inspection with us, please fill out the enquiry form below, or contact us on 01522 535840.

LOLER Inspections in lincoln

Tail Lift Inspections in lincoln

LOLER Inspections in lincoln

Tail lift Inspections in lincoln

LOLER Inspections in lincoln

Tail Lift Inspections in lincoln
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