Land Rover Diagnostics

Land Rover Diagnostics

Warning light on dash or something just not quite right?

At Dack Motor Group we are extremely passionate about what we do. If your vehicle has a fault, we will do everything that we can to find the cure for you.

We have the most up to date Land Rover diagnostic interface (the tool that connects your car to our computer) which gives us the ability to provide us with ample data from your car.

Additionally, we have access to the Land Rover technical data, so if you have a warning light on or a fault with your vehicle, Dack have the equipment, information and trained technicians to diagnose the issue. 

Land Rover Engine Management Light

Whether it be your Range Rover, Discovery, Free Lander, Evoque or Defender with an engine management light on - we have the resources to diagnose. 

Unfortunately diagnostics is rarely a case of 'plugging it in' (The diagnostic computer) - The computer aids diagnostics and points us in a direction, where we will then evaluate the symptoms that you report along with any fault codes, data reports, known fixes etc to establish the fault. 

We also have an arsenal of other equipment such as smoke machines, osciloscopes, pressure gauges and much more to diagnose your Land Rover.

Give us a call on 01522 535840 to discuss your issue or book online.  

Land Rover ABS Light

If you have an ABS light on your dash board then this will need investigating to establish the issue. Your ABS light being illuminated is also an MOT failure. 

Common fault codes are linked to 'ABS Wheel Speed Sensors'. Basically you have a sensor on each wheel that reports the speed of that wheel back to the ABS control unit. When the vehicle flags a fault with a sensor, the actual fault may very well be the sensor... but it could also be the wiring from that sensor to the control unit, the control unit itself or the 'pickup' for the sensor. Which can be a wheel bearing or other component near the sensor. 


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