Audi Diagnostics

Audi Diagnostic

Audi Diagnostic Tests in Lincoln & Coventry

Are you concerned that your Audi may have a fault? Or does your Audi have a warning light on the dashboard? Here at Dack Motor Group, we will be able to assist you with diagnostic tests and an evaluation of the issues you may be facing. Diagnosing problems can be a difficult and often frustrating task, one that requires high-tech equipment, methodical thinking, experience and time.

We have specialist Audi diagnostic technicians with extensive experience diagnosing issues over all Audi models, making us the leading choice for Audi diagnostics in Lincoln and Coventry. We have dealer level Audi diagnostic equipment and trained technicians to identify any issues you may have.


What does a diagnostic check do?

An Audi diagnostic check is carried out on your vehicle by one of our specialists, who will plug your vehicle into a specialised code reader. It can detect problems with your vehicle which can be challenging to spot manually. Once your diagnostic check is complete, we will then advise you as to either what the issue is, or what is required to identify the issue.


The main components which are tested in a diagnostic check are the following:

Electronic Control Units (ECUs) - these control various element of the car and its performance including engine running
Emissions and Exhaust Sensors
Braking System
Electrical Components such as Central Door Locking
Transmission if Electronically Controlled
Ignition Coils
Throttle Setting
Fuel Injectors
Air Flow and Coolant

Sometimes, simply ‘plugging in’ the car to the computer isn’t enough. We have an impressive toolkit of top equipment that can assist us in diagnosing your Audi. Instruments such as smoke machines, oscilloscopes, multimeters, pressure gauges (and more!) can help us to get an accurate diagnosis of any issues in your Audi.

We use the Audi 'ODIS' Diagnostic platform as well as a computer called 'Autologic'. The ODIS is the same system as the Audi dealer uses, it gives us a lot of data from the vehicle and access to Audi technical information. The Autologic tool was developed for independents and offers speed and some additional functions even the main dealers don't have. 

How Do I Book My Vehicle In?

We have a simple to use online booking system which can be used 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Simply input your registration number and follow the online booking procedure to book your Audi in.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01522 535840 for Lincoln or 024 769 20999 for Coventry to speak to our team about the problems you think you may have with your vehicle.


Our technicians have a wealth of experience with all Audi models, making us Lincoln & Coventry's leading Audi specialists.


We offer Audi standard and longlife servicing, or our own bronze, silver and gold Audi service schedules. Click for more information.


We can test all Cars & Vans up to a weight of 3 tonnes. We provide a complimentary vehicle health check video with your Audi MOT - unique to Dack.


We've aligned hundreds of Audi's & have the correct data, equipment & skill to adjust correctly. We also have the diagnostic equipment to reset the steering angle sensor if required.


Remapping or 'chip tuning' transforms the driveability and performance of your Audi. A standard remap will have an average BHP increase between 35-60.


Local collection & delivery: To make your experience even easier, why not take advantage of our collection & delivery service? Click below to learn more.